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“The Blues Is Back!” – playlist, Sunday, July 22, 2012

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“The Blues Is Back!” – playlist, Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tracks listed as Artist/title/album or source


Bonnie Raitt

Gnawin’ on It

Silver Lining


Sandi Thom

Help Me

Flesh and Blood


Cee Cee James

Blood Red Blues

Blood Red Blues


Paula Harris

Just Don’t Look Good Naked Any More Blues

Turning on the Naughty


Hip Shakin Mama and The Leg Men

She Doesn’t Want You

Reclaim Your Land


Little Devils

Head in the Clouds

Diamonds & Poison


Dani Wilde Victoria Smith & Samantha Fish

Mississippi Kisses

Girls with Guitars Live


Miss Quincy

Dawson City Line

Like the Devil Does


Cherry Lee Mewis

Hunt You Down

Heard it here first



Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush


Debbie Davies

Down Home Girl

After The Fall


The Rockin’ Armadillos


Roadtrip (Unreleased album)


Delta Moon

Shake Something Loose

Goin’ Down South


Ron Sayer Jr

Piece Of Me

Better Side


The Untouchables




Papa George Band

Long Time Dead

Down At The Station


Eugene Hideaway Bridges

If You Don’t Wanna Love Me

Born to be Blue


Curtis Salgado

He Played His Harmonica

Soul Shot


Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen

Funky Munky Biznis

Pin Your Spin


Dr John

Lissen At Our Prayer



Professor Longhair

In the Night

Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues- A Musical Journey


Fats Domino

You Can Pack Your Suitcase

Heritage of the Blues, Vol. 1


Royal Southern Brotherhood

Fire On the Mountain

Royal Southern Brotherhood


Eric Gales

Trampled Underfoot

All Bluesd Up – The Songs of Led Zeppelin






(voting closes on July 31)


Curtis Salgado Medical fees appeal address salgado-medical- fund


Dave Watkins’ Eugene Hideaway Bridges interview:


Contact “The Blues Is Back!”

Breakfast Today

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Hi guys,

Just here to let you know I’m back this morning from 7 30 with another Breakfast Show, here on Maldon and Burnham’s true local station, Saint FM. As its Thursday, I’ll be on till 11 and if you can tune in at any point-or throughout the entirety, that’d be great.

On the programme I’ll be going through a few of the local events for the next 2 days, courtesy of the Saint FM events diary.

As usual on a Thursday at quarter to 9 or so, I’m talking to the local MP (and Saint FM’s man at Westminster) John Whittingdale, about his past week and his diary for the next couple of days or so.

On top of this I’ll be asking for your song suggestions for another Topical Tune:

So if you know of any songs that could link with this story, don’t hesitate to tell me. There are 4 ways to do that; you can either call me on 01621 928 046, email:

you can text in to 84555 if you’d prefer (remember that texts set you back 25 P in addition to your normal network charge and you need the word ‘Saint’, then a space in front of your message), or theirs the option of leaving your suggestions on this blog (as of now really).

You can use the same contact details to get in touch with your requests in general by the way-they’ll be played, as long as I can find them between half 7 and 10. Between 10 and 11 o’clock, I’ve got an hour of Big Band and Easy Listening tunes-and I welcome those requests from you as well.

Hope you can stick around for the show-it all starts in 30 minutes.

Breakfast Today

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Hello people,
Hope your weekend-and the beginning of your week have gone well. Just letting you know, I’m back on Saint FM this morning between 7.30 and 10 (as usual), with your Breakfast Show.

Got lots on the show today, including the weekly appearance of Gordon From Maldon. I’m never in the studio when he’s on-air, but I’ve been told how interesting the guy is-and he’s on as normal at a quarter to 8 on the programme.

If you’ve got free time either today or tomorrow and fancy knowing what local events are happening within Maldon and Burnham, I’ll be reading through the details of the next couple of days.

We’ll have our studio quiz entitled Dead Or Alive on after half 8-if you regularly listen, you’ll know all about this-if not, it’d be good to have you tuned into it.

Along with all of this, I have another Topical Tune story for you-all you’ve got to do to be involved, is suggest a song. Here’s the link:

Have a read and if you’ve got an idea for a song, let me know and if I like it, your song idea might end up as this morning’s Topical Tune just before the end of the show, at 10 o’clock. To suggest a song, you can either ring me at the Plume School Studios in Maldon on 01621 928 046, send an email to:

or text the studio (our number being 84555, it’ll set you back your standard network rate, plus an additional 25 P and you’ll need to type the word ‘Saint’ and a space in front of your message).
From here on in though feel free to leave your Topical Tune suggestions on the blog if you like-where as you can only contact the studio after half 7.

By all means contact me with any requests as well-as long as I have it I’ll play it, the contact details above apply for the Topical Tune, requests and just about anything else you wanna say.
Think that’s all I’ve got to say for the time being-apart from see you in half an hour, when the show starts!

“The Blues Is Back!” – playlist, Sunday, July 15, 2012

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“The Blues Is Back!” – playlist,  Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tracks listed as Artist/title/album or source


Wayne Baker Brooks ft Sugar Blue

I Can Read Your Mind

Tricks Up My Sleeve EP


Paul O’Brien

To Be

Jefferson Blues


Hip Shakin Mama and The Leg Men

Devious Hip

Shakin Mama and The Leg Men



You’ll Blow My World Away

Flat Nine


Dukesey and the Hazzards

Just Got Paid

Ain’t Coming Back to You!


Sandi Thom

Flesh and Blood

Flesh And Blood


Dani Wilde, Victoria Smith and Samantha Fish

Red Blooded Woman

Girls with Guitars Live


Davison Smith

Just One More

R2 magazine sampler – Un-Herd Volume 31


Chuck Jackson’s Big Bad Blues Band


A Cup Of Joe


Rick Estrin and The Nightcats


One Wrong Turn


Crosscut Saw

Shake Em On Down

New EP


Debbie Davies

Don’t Put The Blame On Me

After The Fall


Ramon Goose Trio

Give Me Back My Wig

One Night Only


Liam Tarpey


Warm Up My Bones


Dani Wilde

I will be waiting

Juice me up


Ainslie’s Vibes

Kissy Kissy Slap Slap

Standing Ten Feet Tall


Sonny Landreth feat Joe Satriani

Gaia Tribe



Muddy Waters

Standing Around Crying

Complete Chess Masters, Vol. 2- 1952-1958


Jeff Beck

Rollin’ & Tumblin’

You Had It Coming


Henry Cooper W/ Little Bill and the Blue Notes

Long Distance Call


The Red Devils

I’m Ready

King King


Gordon Smith

She Moves Me

The Essential


Muddy Waters

Trouble No More

Muddy ‘Mississippi’ Waters Live [Deluxe Edition]


Tedeschi Trucks Band

That Did It

Everybody’s Talking


Web links


British Blues Awards Voting Page

(voting closes July 31)


Contact “The Blues Is Back!”

Breakfast Today

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Hello everybody,
Hope you all enjoyed Yesterday’s Breakfast Programme (half 7 till 10) on Saint FM 94.7, I’m back for another programme this morning and as it’s a Thursday, I continue for an extra hour, till 11 o’clock.

Got lots on the show today, including information on what’s going on in the Maldon and Burnham area over the next 2 days, at 8 25 and again at half past 9.

At quarter to 9, I’ll be chatting to John Whittingdale (who’s the MP for Maldon and Saint FM’s Man At Westminster), about his past weeks activities and his plans for the next 7 days or so.

At 10 to 10, I’ll be playing the Topical Tune for today and until then I’d like to hear from you if you have a suggestion for a song relating to the following story:

The ways of contacting us to suggest a potential contender are as follows-either call me on 01621 928 046,
Send me an email:

drop me a text on 84555 (texts will cost you 25 P plus your standard Network Rate and you’ll need to put the word ‘saint’ and a space before the rest of your message), or you can leave a comment at the end of this blog, with an idea…
I also want your general song requests between half past 7 and 10 and after 10 I’d love to play your favourite Big Band and Easy Listening tunes. You can use the same contact details above for both of those purposes.

The show gets underway in half an hour, so we’ll talk then!

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