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Breakfast Today

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Hey people,

Hope you enjoyed the show yesterday morning (and your Monday in general)-and that you’ll be up at half 7, ready to listen to me, Ben Kearns, with your Saint FM Breakfast Show.

On the programme today we’ll have some of the usual features, such as the local events details. I’ll be having a look at what’s going on today and tomorrow for you, at 8 25 and half 9.

At a quarter to 9 I’ve got 5 fascinating facts about Beatles, the subject’s been picked by Kat Price, my guest from a couple of weeks back, So thanks for that!

Finally, I’ll be playing one of your Topical Tune suggestions before 10 this morning-and from now until then, I’d like your suggestions for a tune that relates to this story:

So if you’ve got any ideas, do let me know. You can do that by calling me at the Saint FM studios in Maldon, after half 7, on 01621 928 046, suggest a song via email-my address (as far as the show’s concerned), is:

you can text me, on 84555 (if you do though you’ll need to remember to put the word ‘Saint’ then a space before anything else, to make sure it reaches me-and regardless, it’ll cost you 25 P plus your standard network rate, or you can just post on this blog-just by leaving a comment on it.

You can also get in touch (using the same contact details) with any requests/dedications you might wanna hear over the course of the show, which as always is on between half 7 and 10.

Well, we’re on in half an hour, so talk to you then.

Breakfast Today

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Hey guys,

I’m back from my week away-and I hope you enjoyed Hal, Ian and Lou’s time covering for me last week! I do hope you’re gonna be tuned in from half 7 this morning-in return, I’ll do my best to get your week off to a great start, first and foremost with a variety of music I reckon everyone will probably like.

As well as this, I’ll have details on what’s going on around Maldon and Burnham for today and Tuesday, at 8 25 and 9 30 respectively, so make sure you’re listening if you’ve got some free time over the next couple of days and fancy going out in the local area and getting involved in a event of some kind.

I’ll be aiming to prove that Mondays aren’t always dull at quarter to 9 today, in my brand new feature for Monday, ‘Reasons To Be Cheerful’, where I read out some positive, upbeat news stories. I’ll also be setting my Monday co-host, Richard Anstey, a fiendishly difficult challenge he has to complete before next week.

Finally, I’d like your help in coming up with a tune that’s related to this story in some way shape or form:

As regulars know, I always play a Topical Tune at the end of my Breakfast shows (with the exception of Fridays)-and today’s no different. So if you have a song in mind, let me know what it is and it might end up being the song I play, just before 10.

To get involved, you can either call me at the Saint FM studios, at the Plume, Maldon, on 01621 928 046, send me an email:

You can use the art of text to get in contact (the number you’ll need is 84555, messages must start with the word ‘saint’ then a space-and texts will cost you 25 P, plus your standard network rate), or you can post your song suggestions on this blog, as a comment.

I also would love you to get in touch with your general requests-if they’re within my reach, I’ll play them in the next 2 and a half hours. Finally it’d be good to hear from you if you have a reason to be cheerful this Monday morning.

So, join me for all that-and a selection of musical goodness-from half 7, today and every weekday!

Breakfast Today

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Hello guys,
Hope everything’s been going okay and you’re ready for another show, starting in half an hour.

I’ve got details of some fourth coming events (at half 8 and half 9) so listen in if you wanna know what’s hot and what’s not, locally over the next 2 days.

At quarter to 9 (or around then), I’ll talk to John Whittingdale (MP for Maldon and Saint FM’s man at Westminster) about what’s been occupying his professional time throughout the last week-and what he’s up to in the not too distant future.

Finally I’ll have today’s Topical Tune around 10 to 10, but as always I’ll need your suggestions.
Here’s the story:

So, any song ideas? If you have, you can get them in to me. Call me, my number being 01621 928 046, send me an email:

text the studio (the number is 84555 by the way, all your texts will cost 25 P plus your standard charge and you’ll need to type the word ‘Saint’ then a space before your message, otherwise it won’t reach me but you’ll still be charged),
or you can leave any suggestions you have here on this blog.

You’re welcome to choose a song that is not connected to the Topical Tune as always-and you do that using the same ways of contacting me.

Well, think we’ve got everything covered for now. We’re on in half an hour, so hope you can tune in to the show!

Lovesongs On Friday

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Hello guys,

Hope you’re getting ready for a great weekend! I’m Ben Kearns-and between half 7 and 10 on Friday morning (and tomorrow) I’ll be on Saint FM 94.7, playing tunes and doing my best to get you in the mood for the last weekend in November-and me in the mood for my weeks’ holiday.

As part of Friday’s show-and the reason I’m highlighting it, is that in the last hour, you’ll be hearing an hour of great Lovesongs.

In particular, I’m gonna play a great 1980 lovesong courtesy of John Lennon, a smoocher from Herb Albert, something from The Flaming Lips, one of the best lovesongs of all time-from Metallica (believe it or not) and a boarderline Christmas song from Gabriella Cilmi. As well as this I’ll play a breakup tune after half 9, this weeks comes from The Osmands. Hope that satisfies everyone’s tastes-though if not, you could always get involved, by choosing a song-and you don’t need to wait for that-you can choose one right now, just by leaving a comment on this blog.

Breakfast Today

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Hello everyone,
Hope you’re gonna tune in this morning between half 7 and 10, to the Breakfast Show with me Ben Kearns, here at Saint FM, 94.7.

On the programme this morning I’ll have Gordon from Maldon in at about quarter to 8, he’ll be talking about what he’s been up too this past week and his plans for the future (which is always an interesting listen, particularly this week though since he’s on holiday next week).

I’ve got info on a selection of local events happening in the next couple of days at 25 past 8 and again at 9 30, so if you are at a loose end and fancy getting involved in anything local, be sure to listen to that.

We’ve got Dead Or Alive (our studio quiz) at a quarter to 9 this morning, you’ll know how that works if you’re a regular-and if you aren’t, you will pick it up quickly, trust me.

As well as all this, I’ve got a topical tune subject:

And as always, your task-if you choose to accept it-is to come up with a song related to the story above, preferably without it being a Christmas song. The one I like most will be played just before the end of the show, so you’ve got just over 2 and a half hours to get them in to me.
There are 4 ways to do it-either call me here at the Plume school studios in Maldon on 01621 928 046, email:

send a text in to 84555, don’t forget all your texts will of course cost you 25 P, plus your standard network rate and you’ll need the word ‘saint’ and a space before the rest of your message. You can also leave any suggestion on my blog.

As always I’d love to hear your general requests unrelated to the Topical Tune too-if you’ve got any that is (I’ll play anything, ranging from heavy metal to a guilty pleasure). The same contact details will apply.

Guess I’ve got to make a move as the show starts in half an hour! Will chat then though.

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