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Breakfast Today

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Hi all,

It’s Ben here from your Saint FM weekday Breakfast show. First of all I hope you’re already set for the new working week, if that applies to you-and if it doesn’t, it’d be great if you could spend some of your holiday with me at Breakfast, on my final show of 2013!

If you were listening on Friday, you’ll know that today’s show is similar-it’ll include a lot of reminiscing about the year gone by in the first hour and a half-and to help with that I’ll play tunes from Jake Bugg, Little Mix featuring Missy Elliot, Lana Del Rey and a lot more besides.

I’ll be chatting about some local events for the beginning of the week (and for New Years’ Eve), so if you have got some time off over the next couple of days, you might want to listen and find out what to expect, locally speaking.

At a quarter to 9 on Mondays, I normally have a feature on the programme called ‘Reasons To Be Cheerful’. It does what it says on the tin really-we come with reasons why we feel good about it being a Monday and you do the same. Today though it’ll be slightly different-I’d like to hear your reasons to be cheerful about 2014.

Just after that, Saint FM’s Richard Anstey (who lends me a hand on Monday mornings) will be completing the challenge I set him last week, which is a quiz of 2013.

As well as this, I’ll be doing something I normally reserve for Fridays only between 9 and 10-an hour of lovesongs. As it’s a strange time of year though I’ll be doing an hour of Lovesongs from 9-10 on Monday, Thursday and Friday (every day I’m on-air this week, in other words). In that hour, you’ll hear tunes from Olly Murs, The Ronettes, The Housemartins amongst others. Plus at half 9 (as is customary on a Friday) I’ll be playing a Breakup tune, today it comes from The Eagles.

There are 4 ways and means of getting involved, either to request one of your favourite tracks of 2013, to tell us about your highlights of the previous year, to mention why you’re looking forward to 2014 or to choose a lovesong after 9.

Either give me a bell at the Saint FM Studios at the Plume School, Maldon, on 01621 928 046, email me:

text me on 84555 (if you do that though you will be charged 25 P plus your standard network rate-and it won’t reach me if you don’t start it with the word ‘saint’ and a space), or let me have your contributions to the show on this blog-just by replying to my post.

So, your Monday Breakfast Show gets going in 30 minutes-I hope you’re gonna be tuned-in.

Breakfast Today

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Hello bloggers,

Hope you’ve had a good festive holiday. As you know it’s almost the weekend anyway and I’ll be here with your Friday morning warm-up for that (more commonly known as Friday Breakfast).

As it is a weird time of year, I’ll be doing a slightly different show for the next week or so-including today. Between 7 30 and 9, I’ve got some of the hits from 2013, as well as the lesser known, favourite songs from this year, from the likes of Onedirection, Foals, The 1975 and Fox’s.

I’ll still be checking out the local events happening over the next couple of days at 25 past 8 and half 9.

After half 8, we will be taking a look at some TV highlights for this fourth coming weekend, as is the norm on Friday.

And after 9 o’clock (again, as Normal on Friday), I’ll be playing an hour of Lovesongs. Unlike most weeks though, I’ve got Lovesongs every day from 9-10 during the festive break. Today you’ll hear one of my favourite tunes of all time from Elbow, a track that’s featured in The Royal Family, from Radiohead, a hit from 2013 from Paramore and one of Beyoncé’s more unusual tracks. As always I’ll have a bitter sweet Breakup tune for you this morning, around half 9, today’s will be the title track from Tory Amos’s 1992 debut album.

If that sounds like something you’d be up for listening to, then it’s on your radio from half 7 until 10 today-if you’re brave enough to get up that early! You can join in with the show as well-between half 7 and 9 I’d like your highlights of 2013 and your requests from this year.

After 9, I’d love your Lovesong requests-if you’ve got a track you wanna hear, then let me know. You can either call me at the Burnham studios (at the Ormiston Rivers Academy) on 01621 787 878, email:,

text the studio on 84555 (texts will set you back 25 P, plus your standard rate and you’ll need to put the word ‘Saint’ and a space before you put anything else), or you can leave your show contributions on this blog.

Would love to hear from you, if you have anything to say-the show starts, in half an hour!

Breakfast Today

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Hey guys,

Hope you’re feeling good this Christmas Eve! If not, I’ll be doing my best to cheer you up on Breakfast between half 7 and 10-and if you are, I’ll be aiming to make you feel even better with the selection of tunes I’ve got on the way.

As well as this, you’ll be hearing about what’s going on around Maldon and Burnham, as I take a look at some of the local events, courtesy of our Saint FM diary.

At a quarter to 9, we’ll be taking a look at what’s happening on the TV over Christmas and Boxing Day.

Also you can influence what I play on the show. First off, I’d like to hear from you if you have any general song requests and secondly, I wanna know if you have any Topical Tune suggestions between now and 10, one of which will be played at 10 to 10 today:

So, any ideas? If so, don’t keep quiet about them-let me know what they are-and you might end up with the honour of picking the second to last track of the show this morning.

You can get involved using 4 methods, either call 01621 928 046, email:

you can text me at the Saint FM studios at the Plume, Maldon on 8455 (texts will cost 25 P, plus your standard network rate and you’ll need to put the word ‘saint’ and a space before you write the rest of your message), or you can leave any song suggestions you have on my blog.

So that’s what’s coming up on the show today-I do hope you’ll be joining me this Crimbo Eve, starting at half 7 this morning.

Breakfast Today

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Hello everyone,

I hope you’ve had a good one this weekend and that you’re ready for the build up to Christmas. I’m Ben Kearns and I’ll be here on Saint FM 94.7, providing the soundtrack to your morning.

On the show today, I’ll be taking a look at our Saint FM diary, it’s got all the details about what’s happening locally over the next couple of days-and you’ll hear them from me, at 25 past 8 and half past 9.

After half 8, I’ve got a few feel good news stories, though I’d also like to know if/why you’re feeling upbeat this morning (contact details are below). It can have something to do with Crimbo, or it can be because of something else-let me know.

Finally, I’ll be giving you the chance to pick the second to last track of the show, in today’s Topical Tune:

So, it’s as simple as this if you haven’t listened/contributed to the Topical Tune before-just read the story in the link above (or listen out for me talking about it)-then let me know if you have a song that in some way relates.

To do that, either call me on 01621 928 046, email:

you can get me via text (the number for that is 84555, though it’ll cost you 25 P, plus your standard network rate and you’ll need to put the word ‘saint’ and a space in front of your message), or let me have your suggestions on this blog, simply by leaving a comment on it!

You can also get in touch if you have any general requests, or if you’ve got a reason to be cheerful you wanna share-and the more the merrier.

All this is coming up between half 7 and 10 this morning-and I hope you’ll be tuned in!

Breakfast Today

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Hi guys,

Just here to let you know I’m back this morning from 7 30 with another Breakfast Show, here on Maldon and Burnham’s true local station, Saint FM.

On the programme I’ll be going through a few of the local events for the next 2 days, courtesy of the Saint FM events diary.

Normally on a Thursday at quarter to 9 or so, I talk to the local MP (and Saint FM’s man at Westminster) John Whittingdale, about his past week and his diary for the next couple of days or so. Today should be no exception-we may even find out some of John’s Christmas plans.

On top of this I’ll be asking for your song suggestions for another (very seasonal) Topical Tune:

So if you know of any songs that could link with this story, don’t hesitate to tell me what they are. There are 4 ways to do that; you can either call me on 01621 928 046, email:

you can text in to 84555 if you’d prefer (remember that texts set you back 25 P in addition to your normal network charge and you need the word ‘Saint’, then a space in front of your message), or there’s the option of leaving your suggestions on this blog (as of now really).

You can use the same contact details to get in touch with your requests in general by the way-they’ll be played, as long as I can find them between half 7 and 10.

Hope you can stick around for the show-it all starts in 30 minutes time!

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