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Breakfast Today

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Hope everyone’s ready and poised for a good week ahead. Whether you are or not, I’ll be here this morning with another Breakfast show from half 7-10.

On the show today, I’ll have details of fourth-coming events over the next couple of days in our events diary, so stay tuned to hear the next 2 day’s events, at 8 25 and again at half 9.

I’ll be after your ideas for reasons to be cheerful for the week ahead (and for a Monday morning, in particular) during the show, though after half 8 in particular I’ll be focusing on those. I’ve got some of my own as well. Plus there’s today’s challenge, involving some of the best and worst April Fools jokes.

Finally, at around 10 to 10, I’ll be playing a Topical Tune-and as always, I need your suggestions:

So, any ideas? If so, I want to hear what they are-and yours will have a good chance of being selected as the Topical Tune I’ll eventually play. To get involved in the show (whether you want a Topical Tune, have a reason to be happy this morning or have a general request you wanna hear), then get in touch with me. You can either call me at the Saint FM studios at the Plume school in Maldon on 01621 928 046, send me a message via email:,

drop me a text message (the number you’ll need for that is 84555 and you’ll be charged 25 P plus your standard network charge), or you can leave your suggestions on this blog.

Hope you’ll be tuned in from half 7-10, when the show is on.

Breakfast Today

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Hey everyone,
It’s Ben Kearns here from Breakfast (every weekday morning, between half 7 and 10). First of all, hope you enjoyed the show yesterday-and if you did, hope you’ll give it another go this morning!

The show today looks something like this-I’ll have details on what’s going on around Maldon and Burnham at 25 past 8 and half past 9, as I look at the next couple of days of local events…

After half 8, I’ll be speaking to John Whittingdale (MP for Maldon and Saint FM’s Man at Westminster)-as we have our regular weekly chat about his professional duties over the past week and his plans for the next 7 days, or there abouts.

As well as this, I’d like your Topical Tune suggestions:

So if you have any ideas for a song related to the story linked above, I’d love your calls, emails, texts and blog comments.

Our phone number is 01621 928 046, you can email me:

drop me a text to 84555 (texts will cost you 25 P plus your standard Network Rate and it’ll be a waste of money, unless you put the word ‘saint’ and a space before the rest of your message), or you can leave your song ideas on this blog, by leaving a comment.

I’m also on the lookout for your general Requests-if you have any song you’d like played, the same contact details apply, whatever it is!

The show will be underway in half an hour, hope I can count on you listening to it!

Friday Lovesongs

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Hi guys,

It’s me again, with a bit of light encouragement for you to listen into my Friday Lovesongs feature this week, between 9 and 10, as part of that day’s Breakfast show.

As always, you’ll be hearing a variety of lovesongs-and not always the most traditional of tunes. I’ll be playing an early 60’s number 1 from Johnny Tillotson, a track from Extreme, some classic rock from The Ramones and a lovesong from mid-2009, courtesy of Pixie Lott. You’ll also hear a Breakup tune around half 9-this week, it’s one of my favourite songs of all time, from Ash.

As usual though that’s not the whole story, as I’m hoping you’ll be making up the numbers, by requesting any lovesong you may want to hear between 9 and 10 o’clock on Friday. Would be great to hear from you if you have something in mind-and it’d be just perfect if you could let me have your suggestions on here.

You can hear Friday Lovesongs this and every Friday from 9-10-hope you can listen.

Breakfast Today

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Hi all,

It’s Ben again (host of your weekday Breakfast show), to tell you that I’ll be on this morning, from half 7 until 10 o’clock.

We’ve got lots on today’s show, including some of the local events taking place around Maldon and Burnham over the next couple of days or so-they’ll be on at 8 25 and half 9.

After half 8, I’ve got my feast of useless knowledge known as ‘5 Fascinating Facts About’ and today I’ll be covering Tin Openers, with thanks to Dave for suggesting it, as a challenge to find 5 interesting things about one of the most mundane things he can think of.

As well as this, I’ll be taking your suggestions for today’s Topical Tune:

You know exactly what to do if you’re a regular listener/contributor to the show-read the story linked above and suggest a song that relates to it. To do that, either email call our studio at Maldon on 01621 928 046, me:

you can text the station, on 84555 (texts will cost you 25 P, plus your standard network rate and you will need the word ‘Saint’ and a space before anything else to ensure it gets through to us), or leave any song ideas you might have on this blog.

The same details for contacting us apply if you’d like a general request throughout the programme, which I’ll fit in for you if I can find the song you go for.

So all this is coming up-and I’ll have a selection of great tunes to accompany you-see you for Breaky in half an hour from now!

Breakfast Today

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Hi all,

It’s Ben here from your Saint FM weekday Breakfast show. First of all I hope you’re already set for the new working week, though if not then I’ll do my best to motivate you, with the help of some fantastic tunes, one of which at least will be chosen by someone listening to the show.

Today’s programme includes some local events for the beginning of the week, so if you have got some time off over the next couple of days, you might want to listen and find out what’s going on (and if you have got time off read this, as you might wanna get involved in the next feature).

That feature in question will be on at a quarter to 9-and it’s called ‘Reasons To Be Cheerful’. It does what it says on the tin really-I’ll be reading out some positive news stories that should at least balance out any negative feelings about Monday morning, or even put you in a good mood fullstop. Just before 9 this morning, I’ll be telling you how I got on with this week’s challenge, involving a famous actress in the local area.

As well as this, I’d like to hear from you if you have a Topical Tune suggestion:

If you haven’t heard the show (and the Topical Tune) before, all you have to do is come up with a suggestion for a song that relates to the story in the link above. This feature pretty much depends on one of you guys picking a great tune I can play as my second to last song of the show-to get involved, either give me a bell, at our studios at the Plume School, Maldon, on 01621 928 046, email me:

Text me on 84555 (remember if you do that, your texts will cost you 25 P plus your standard network rate and you’ll need to put the word ‘Saint’ and a space before you write the rest of your message), or let me have your song ideas on this blog-just by replying to my post.

I’d also like your general requests (using the same details to contact me) or your reasons to be cheerful this morning.

So, your Monday Breakfast Show gets going in 30 minutes-I hope you’re gonna be tuned-in.

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