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Breakfast Today

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Hello people,

Ben here from Breakfast (half 7 till 10, every week day), letting you know I’ll be on Saint FM as usual this morning.

I will be going through our events guide at 25 past 8 and half 9, giving you an idea of what there is to do in Maldon and Burnham over the next 2 days.

As its Tuesday morning, I’ll tell you 5 fascinating things about a specific subject, around 8 45. This week (with thanks to Steve Gallant), I’ll be telling you all you need to know about ejector seats.

I’ll also have my usual Topical Tune feature just before the end of today’s programme. This is the story I’ll be covering today-as always, I need your song contributions:

Have a read and let me know if there are any ideas that crop up in your head. You can give me a ring at the Plume School studios in Maldon, on 01621 928 046, you can email them to me:

Feel free to send me a text, to 84555, though your text will cost 25 pence plus your normal charge and you’ll need to type the word ‘Saint’ then a space before anything else, the final port of call is to simply leave your suggestions right here, on my blog! The good thing about the last way of letting me know your suggestions is you can do it from now on, otherwise you’ll have to wait until half 7.

Just one more thing-it’s always good to have your general requests too-if you have any, let me know what they are! You can use the same contact details to tell me what songs you’d like.

Well that’s all for now-until half 7, speak then!

Breakfast Today

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Hi everyone,

Hope your week has got off to a good start if you’ve just woken up-and if you’ve been on the nightshift it went well.

Well I’m back here on Saint FM (94.7 FM around Maldon and Burnham and on-line on this very site) from half 7.

My show looks a bit like this-I’ll have a look at some events taking place over the course of the next couple of days at 8 25 and at 9 30, so listen in if you’re free and are interested in knowing what local events are going on then, which you can participate in!

Throughout this morning’s show (though particularly at about 8 45), I’ll be asking for and talking about, reasons to be cheerful this morning.

At just before 9 o’clock you can hear how I got on with this weeks’ challenge-set by Lou B, about a month ago-and then he’ll set me another task I have to do by next week.

Finally-and as always from Monday to Thursday, I have a topical tune story-and I need your song suggestions connected to it:

So if you have a song relating to this in any way shape or form, remember I want to hear from you! There are 4 options of contacting me-either call me on 01621 928 046, send an email to:

text us on 84555 (it’ll cost you 25 P, plus your standard network rate and you will need the word ‘saint’ followed by a space in front of your message) or you can leave any Topical Tune suggestions on this blog.

Remember, the tune I like most out of all your suggestions will be played just before the end of the show, so you’ve got the best part of 3 hours to choose one and to make it a goodie.

I’d love your general requests too-if you have a song you want to hear, let me know and I’ll see what I can do-using the same contact details.

So, are you gonna tune in? If so I’ll speak to you in half an hour, at our Plume School studios in Maldon.

6 Decades Of Music Next Sunday

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Hi guys,

Really hoped you liked today’s ‘6 Decades Of Music’ show, if so there’ll be plenty more where that came from next week, from 12-2 on Sunday afternoon.

On that show, you’ll hear music from Roy Orbison and The Zombies, as we play music from the 60’s, then I’ve got music from the 70’s, courtesy of Mud and The Beegees. I’ll be playing Wham and Fairground attraction from the 1980’s, Nirvana and Run DMC from the 90’s, Scooch and Stevie Wonder will feature in the segment devoted to the 2000’s and I’ll round off by playing music from the present day, like the new offering from Flow Rida.

All this is coming up, plus I’ll be talking throughout the show about Eurovision. That’s right, the 6 Decades Topic next week is all about your favourite (and most cringe worthy) Eurovision moments, from the 60’s to today (having watched last week’s ‘spectacular’).

So, leave any comments you have on this blog before noon on Wednesday and I’ll talk about it on the show next week.

Breakfast Today

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Hi guys,
Ben here from Saint FM Breakfast. Hope you’re all looking forward to Thursday’s Breakfast Show, whether you’re listening on 94.7 around Maldon and Burnham or whether you’ll be checking us out on this website, from any corner of the world.

I’m here from half 7 till 10, with your soundtrack.

Feature-wise, I’ll be taking a look at the events happening in Maldon and Burnham over the next 2 days or so, around 25 past 8 and again at half 9.

I’ll have John Whittingdale (MP for Maldon and Saint FM’s man at Westminster) joining me from half 8 until 9 to talk about what he’s been up to.

And of course, at least 1 track will be suggested by one of you guys this morning-today’s Topical Tune:

It’s very simple to get yourself involved-if you have a song suggestion relating to the story, just contact me and tell me what it is! Our phone number for the studios in Maldon (where I’ll be broadcasting from) is 01621 928 046,
The email address is:

and our text number is 84555 (you’ll be charged 25 P in addition to your regular cost and you’ll need to put the word ‘Saint’ followed by a space before your message) or of course you don’t have to go anywhere else to get in contact, you can leave your message right here, right now if you like…

Please don’t call, email or text though until after half 7, I wanna here from you if you’ve got any Topical Tune suggestions, or any general song requests-and as normal, I will put anything on this morning.

Well I’ll be on in 30 minutes or so, hope you can join me!

Breakfast Today

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Hello all,
Hope everyone’s doing well and have had a great first day back at work yesterday.
As usual on weekdays, I’m back on Saint FM this morning, from 7 30 till 10, with another Breakfast programme.

I’ll have Gordon from Maldon on in the first half hour of the show, he’s my regular Wednesday guest and as always, he’ll be talking about what he’s been up to this week so far and his plans for the next few days or so.

At 25 past 8 and half past 9 I’ll be looking at our Saint FM Diary and letting you know what public events are going on over the next couple of days.

Dead Or Alive will be on at 8 45, it’s the weekly studio quiz we run on the show in case it’s your first time listening-and you can take part.

As well as all of this, I’ve got a fairly quirky story for you guys and I want your song suggestions connected to it:

One of your ideas will be played, at around 10 to 10, just before the end of today’s show. You can contact me by ringing the Saint FM studio at Maldon’s Plume-and our number is 01621 928 046, you can email:

Send us a text to 84555 (if you do it will cost you 25 P plus your standard network charge and remember, you’ll need to put the word ‘saint’ and a space before your message), finally you can comment on the story and leave your ideas on my blog.

The same contact details apply for general requests unrelated to the Topical Tune-if I can get hold of your choice of track, it will be played during the programme!

That’s all for now-got to go as the show’s only 30 mins off. Talk to you then, both on 94.7 FM around Maldon and Burnham and on this website., worldwide

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