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Breakfast Today

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Hello everyone,
Hope you’re all doing okay today and you’ll be tuned in to Saint FM from half 7, for another Breakfast Show, with me, Ben Kearns.
On the show today, Gordon From Maldon will drop by in the first half hour to chat about what he’s been up too, which as always will no doubt be essential and compelling listening.

I’m the guy to tune into this morning if you’re wondering what’s happening locally in the next couple of days, as I’ll have a look at what’s happening events-wise at 8 25 and 9 30.

We’ll run our studio quiz after half 8 entitled ‘Dead Or Alive’, it’s what we always do on Wednesday morning, so if you listen frequently, you’ll already know how this works.

Finally, I want your song suggestions throughout the show, regarding the Topical Tune:

So if you’ve got any song ideas connected to this story, I’d love to know what they are. Here’s how to contact me: either call the studio at the Plume School, in Maldon on 01621 928 046, email:

text the studio on 84555 (remembering the cost is 25 Pence, plus your standard charge and you’ll need the word ‘saint’ then a space in front of anything else you type) or you can share your ideas with me (and everyone else) simply by writing it here, on this blog!

Would love your requests in general too by the way-and you’ll need the same contact details there.

I’ll be on 94.7 FM and on this website in 30 minutes or so, with all that and more, I just hope you’re gonna be tuned in to it!

Breakfast Today

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Hi guys,
Ben here from Saint FM Breakfast. Hope you’re all looking forward to Thursday’s Breakfast Show, only here on Saint FM, 94.7.
I’m here from half 7 till 10, with your soundtrack.

On the show today, I’ll be taking a look at the events happening in Maldon and Burnham over the next 2 days or so, at 25 past 8 and half past 9.

John Whittingdale (MP for Maldon and Saint FM’s man at Westminster) joining me from half 8 until 9 to talk about what he’s been up too
This past week and his future plans for the next 7 or so days. He was away last week, so they’ll be a bit of catch-up being played too.

Finally, I’ll have my Topical Tune:

Well if you have a song suggestion relating to my story, you know what to do-contact me and tell me what it is! I’m gonna play one of your ideas at 10 to 10, it could be your suggestion. Our phone number is 01621 928 046,
The email address is:

and our text number is 84555 (you’ll be charged 25 P in addition to your regular cost and you’ll need to put the word ‘Saint’ followed by a space before your message) or of course you don’t have to go anywhere else to get in contact, you can leave your message right here, right now if you like… as a comment on my blog.

Please don’t call, email or text though until after half 7, I wanna here from you if you’ve got any Topical Tune suggestions, or any general song requests-and as always, I will put anything on this morning.

Well I’ll be on in 30 minutes or so, hope you can join me!

Breakfast Today

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Hello everyone,
Hope you’re all doing well and looking forward to Breakfast, with me Ben Kearns. It starts at half 7 this morning, here on Saint FM, 94.7.

On today’s show I’ll have Gordon from Maldon in the first half hour, with more of his random thoughts over the past week and his future plans.

I’ll let you know about the goings on in Maldon and Burnham in the events guide, at about 25 past 8 and at half past 9. It’s essential listening for those wondering what’s happening over the next 2 days.

Between half 8 and 9, I’ll be running Dead Or Alive, our weekly studio quiz.

Along with all of this I’ll have our Topical Tune on just before the end of the programme. All you need to do during the show is read this story and suggest any songs:

So if you do have an idea for a song that relates to this story, then you know what to do-let me know!
You can either give me a ring at the Plume studios in Maldon this morning on 01621 928 046,
Send an email to me:

Drop a text through (to 84555, texts will cost you an additional 25 P plus your standard Message Rate),
Or you can leave your suggestions here, on my Blog. Please don’t call, email or text before the show starts, though you can start leaving your suggestions on the blog from here on in.

You’re also welcome to use the same contacting options to choose a favourite song generally-we’re an eclectic lot here at Saint, so it can literally be anything.

I’ll be on in about half an hour or so, so see you then!

“The Blues Is Back!” – playlist, Sunday, August `19, 2012

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“The Blues Is Back!” – playlist, Sunday, August `19, 2012

Tracks listed as Artist/title/album or source


Smokin’ Joe Kubek Band

Burnin’ To The Ground

My Heart’s In Texas




The Lost Tapes


Taj Mahal

Checkin’ Up On My Baby

Hidden Treasures


Paul Garner Band

Lay Lady Lay

3 Get Ready


Bex marshall

Gone Fishin’

The House Of Mercy


Little Feat

Mellow Down Easy

Rooster Rag


Alvin Lee

Rock You

Still on the Road to Freedom


Alan Clayson

ug the caveman

One Dover Sole


John Fogerty feat BruceSpringsteen

When Will I Be Loved

The Blue Ridge Rangers (Ride Again)


Slamhound Hunters

Cadillac Walk

Private Jungle


Sammy Eubanks

Have It

Eubanks Untapped


Simon McBride

Crossing The Line Promo

YouTube download


Dave Fields feat Joe Louis Walker

Doin Hard Time



Bad Influence

On the Road to Nowhere



Paul Garner Band

Never Make a Move Too Soon

3 Get Ready


Big Boy Bloater & The Limits

Ugly Way of Thinking

Un-Herd Volume 31 (R2 Magazine sampler)


Linda Gail Lewis

Let’s Talk About Us

You Win Again


Ben Waters


Blueprint sampler CD 2000


Joan Armatrading

Something’s Gotta Blow

Live at the Royal Albert Hall


Dana Dixon Band

Fell In Love

Old, New, Borrowed and Blue


The Stumble

Nobody’s Business



Chantel McGregor


Like No Other


Steve’big man’ Clayton and the 44s

Can you dig It?

Juke Joint’s 5th Anniversary Collection


The Blues Band

Talkin Woman Blues

Itchy Feet



Giles Hedley and the Aviators

Death Letter Blues

mp3 download


Curtis Salgado

Which Came First?

Oregon Public Broadcast TV webcast




Web links


Simon McBride New Album promo


Colne Blues Festival


Curtis Salgado live clip


Contact “The Blues Is Back!”


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Hey all,
It’s Ben Kearns here, from Saint FM Breakfast. I’m back on from half 7 today, with another Breakfast Show, here on Saint FM.

Today’s show consists of the events guide at 25 past 8 and half 9, so make sure you tune in if you want to know what’s going on around Maldon and Burnham.

At a quarter to 9 on a Thursday, I normally have my weekly interview with John Whittingdale (MP for Maldon and Saint’s man in Westminster). He’s away this week unfortunately, so we’ll be running an extra TV guide for a Thursday evening.

Along with all of this, (as always on a Wednesday and Thursday morning) I’ll be playing our topical tune before the end of the show and I need your suggestions for songs that connect to the following story:

So if you’ve got any ideas, there’s only one thing you need to do-and that’s to share them with me.
Like always, there are several methods of contacting the show, either call us in the Maldon studios (on 01621 928 046), send an email:

you can also send a text through (to 84555, texts will set you back 25 P plus your standard message rate and you’ll need the word ‘Saint’ and a space before your message), or you can leave your suggestions here on my blog.

You can also choose a song of your own not related to the topical tune-if you’ve got any favourite tracks you want played I’ll do that. Please wait until the show starts if you want to call, email or text, though you can start leaving your song suggestions/general requests on my blog right now if you like!

Well better go now-got to be on in half an hour, so see you then…

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