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Breakfast Today

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Hi all,

If you don’t know, my name’s Ben Kearns and I’m back on Saint FM this morning from 7 30 till 10, with my normal Breakfast Show!

Got a lot happening this morning, so should be a great programme.

Firstly, Gordon From Maldon will be stopping by in the first half hour of the show (around quarter to 8) to talk about what he’s been up to in the past week.

At 25 past 8 and half 9 I’ll be looking at what’s going on in the Maldon and Burnham area over the next 2 days, courtesy of our Events Diary.

It’ll be time for our Studio Quiz entitled Dead Or Alive at a quarter to 9 this morning as usual on a Wednesday.

Last but by no means least, I’d love your Topical Tune suggestions:

You know the drill if you regularly listen-all you have to do is read the story above and suggest a song related to it. I’ll be playing one of your suggestions as my second to last track of the morning, so you’ve got until about 20 to 10 to come up with something.
Either call the Saint FM studios at the Plume School, Maldon on 01621 928 046,

send me a text on 84555 if you like (it’ll cost you 25 P in addition to your standard network rate and you’ll need to type the word ‘saint’ and a space before you write the rest of your message) or you have the option of letting me know what your Topical Tune ideas are, on this blog.

Of course you’re welcome to choose a general request unrelated to the Topical Tune as well, the same contact details apply if you’d like to do this.

Well I’m gonna make the last minute arrangements for the show, I’m on in half an hour, so chat then… I hope!

Friday Lovesongs

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Hi guys,

Hope all’s going well with you this week so far and you’re looking forward to Friday. As always on that day, I’ll be bringing you an hour of Lovesongs on the Breakfast Show, between 9 and 10.

This week’s Lovesongs hour opens up with an early hit from Madonna-that was number 1 in 1985-and has been released a few times since. As well as that, you’ll hear Lovesongs from the likes of The Beegees, a recent hit from Sheryl Crow, a classic recording from The Undertones, something uplifting from Tony Di Bart and one of the most under-played songs The Beatles ever recorded. I’ll also have a breakup tune after 9 30, this week it comes from Michael Buble-and has been described as “the happiest breakup song written in a long while).

You can influence what I play by choosing a tune-if you wanna hear a Lovesong, it’d be great to hear from you in advance-then I’ll line it up to play between 9 and 10 on Friday-as long as I can get my hands on it.

It’s gonna be a good hour, I feel-hope you can be tuned in, as always.

Breakfast Today

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Hi all,

It’s Ben again-with details on what’s coming up on this morning’s Breakfast Show, from half 7-10.

Once again I’ll have your guide to what’s going on around Maldon and Burnham-as always you’ll hear about the events coming up in the immediate future.

After 8 30 it’ll be time for my usual list of 5 fascinating facts, this week I’ve got to come up with 5 interesting things about Marmalade.

Along with this I’m hoping to hear from you, in response to my request for songs connected to the following story, as part of today’s Topical Tune:

So, if you’ve got a song in mind, you can do a number of things to get in touch-either call me at the studio, on 01621 928 046, email me:

Get any suggestions you may have into me via text (the number is 84555 and you’ll be charged 25 P for your texts, plus your standard network rate), or you can stay where you are and leave your song ideas as a comment on this blog. Feel free to also let me know about your general requests-if I have your favourite tune (either of the moment or a classic), then it will get played-and if not, I’ll track something similar down.

All this and more starts in 30 minutes-hope you’ll be able to tune in!

Breakfast Today

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Hi guys,

Happy Monday first of all-I hope you’re looking forward to tuning into me, Ben Kearns, with Breakfast from half 7-10.

On the programme today, you’ll hear about what’s going on around Maldon and Burnham, in our Saint FM events diary, stay tuned because at 8 25 and 9 30 I’ll have all the details for you.

I’m hoping you’ve got reasons to feel good today-if so, share them with me throughout the show (details on how to contact me are shown below), though in particular after half 8.

Finally (and alike every show from Monday to Thursday), you can choose a Topical Tune:

So if you have a suggestion, let me know either by calling 01621 928 046, emailing:

text me on 84555 (texts will set you back 25 P in addition to your standard network rate and you’ll need to put the word ‘Saint’ and a space before anything else) or you can leave any brainwaves regarding today’s topical tune on this blog.

I’d also like to hear from you with any ideas on your reasons for feeling upbeat this Monday morning-or any general requests you want me to play-just let me know.

6 Decades Of Music

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Hi guys,

Hope life’s good with you this Sunday and you’ve enjoyed listening to the Girlguides show this week-they’re back on the first Sunday of next month, if you did.

For the Sundays in between though, I’ll be keeping you company, with ‘6 Decades Of Music’ between 11 and 2-as always!

On next week’s show, I’ll be playing 60’s music from Chris Montez, an early tune from Marvin Gaye and an unusual mid 60’s offering from The Beatles. Then I’ll be delving into the 70’s with Canned Heat, Billy Swan and The Commodores amongst others. You’ll hear 80’s tunes from The Detroit Spinners, a song that was originally banned, from Frankie Goes To Hollywood-and we’ll rock out with something from Guns N Roses. In the 90’s, we’ll be hearing from the likes of Robert Palmar, Primal Scream and Eternal, plus some sage advice from the director of the Romeo and Juliet film (no… really, we will be). Then onto the 00’s with music from Samantha Mumber, The Bodyrockers and The Pigeon Detectives and we’ll be rounding it all off with songs from the last few years, courtesy of Take That, Imelda May and the brand new one from James Arthur.

There’s something in there for everyone I think-we’ll be taking our musical trip through the decades next Sunday from 11. Also on the show, I’ll be taking a look at that day’s events-and we’ll have our 6 Decades Topic, which is the part where you can get involved.

As the Oscars are taking place tonight, I want to know about your favourite actors/actresses from each decade, from the 60’s to the present day. Remember the show won’t be live, so you’ve got between now and Wednesday afternoon (when I record it) to come up with a suggestion.

All this-and more besides-is coming up next week, from 11-2.

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