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Breakfast Today

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Hello everyone,
I hope you enjoyed the show yesterday and you’re looking forward to today’s Breakfast Programme, with me Ben Kearns, from half 7 until 10 this morning, here on Saint FM.

On today’s show, I’ll be telling you about some events in the Maldon and Burnham area you could involve yourself in, at about 25 past 8 and at half past 9.

John Whittingdale (MP for Maldon and Saint FM’s man at Westminster) is gonna be on-air talking to me at a quarter to 9, all about what he’s been doing over the past week and his plans for the next 7 days.

As well as this, I’ll be playing a Topical Tune just before 10 today:

So that’s the story-I’d be pleased to have your song ideas. I’ll be reading them out until about 20 to 10 this morning and playing one of them just before 10 o’clock.
Let me know if you have a suggestion, you can ring me on 01621 928 046,

send in a text to 84555 (it’ll cost 25 P plus your standard rate to do so however and you’ll need to type the word ‘saint’ followed by a space before you write anything else), or alternatively leave your ideas on my blog-obviously you don’t need to go anywhere to do that!

Basically, I’d love to hear from you this morning, not only with your suggestions for a Topical Tune, but with your requests unrelated to it-if I have your favourite song I’ll play it for sure between half 7 and 10.

Think that’s all I have to mention for now-I’ll be on-air in half an hour, so speak to you then…

Friday Lovesongs

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Hey guys,

Just posting here to let you know about this Friday’s Lovesongs hour, between 9 and 10 on Breakfast.

Once again you’ll hear nothing but quality lovesongs, featuring Marvin Gaye, one of Mariah Carey’s earlier offerings, a track from Denise Williams, a touch of pop/rock from Robert Palmer and we’ll finish on an uplifting note, thanks to Crosby Stills and Nash!

We’ll have all this on the way, plus this week’s Breakup tune at around half 9, which is a bitter sweet, mid 80’s slice of soul, courtesy of Jermaine Jackson.

That’s not the full story, as you’ll know if you’re a regular-I wanna hear what you want me to play. Would be good to have your ideas for a request/lovesongs dedication ahead of Friday, so feel free to do that from now on.

Think that’s all for now-hope you’ll be tuned in throughout the week to Breakfast-and to Lovesongs after 9.

Breakfast Today

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Hello people,
Hope all is going well for you. I’ll be back on Saint FM this morning, from 7 30 till 10, with another Breakfast Show-hope you can join me, either on 94.7 FM around Maldon and Burnham or on-line.

I’ll have Gordon From Maldon in during the first half hour of the programme, talking about his week gone by.

At about 8 25 and half past 9 this morning, I’ll take a look at the next couple of days’ worth of events around Maldon and Burnham.

We’ll have our Studio Quiz, Dead Or Alive, at a quarter to 9, if you want to play along it’s very simple if you haven’t regularly listened before.

Finally, once again, I’ve got a story for this morning’s Topical Tune:

So if you have any song suggestions, I want to know what they are, I’ll play one of them just before the end of the show.
You can get your suggestions in by calling the Saint FM studio at the Plume in Maldon on 01621 928 046,

send a text in to 84555 (it’ll cost you 25 P to do so, plus your standard network rate and you’ll need to put the word ‘saint’ and a space before your message),
or you can leave your ideas on this very blog…

Either way, love your input this morning, whether you have a Topical Tune suggestion or a general request (for which the same contact details apply)!

It’s gonna be a busy show and it’s underway in half an hour….

Breakfast Today

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Hi bloggers,

Hope I find you well enough this Tuesday-and I hope you’ll be listening to Breakfast here on Saint FM, with me Ben Kearns. If you are gonna listen in, I’ll return the favour by bringing you some great music to get your morning off to the right start.

You’ll also be able to find out more about what events are taking place in Maldon and Burnham over the next couple of days and how you can get involved, at 25 past 8 and half 9.

You’ll be hearing 5 fascinating facts about The Luther after half 8! All I can say is that I just know at some stage you’ll be glad you heard the seemingly useless info I’ve got in store.

Along with all of this, I’m hoping you’ll be able to help me choose a Topical Tune:

So if you have one in mind, do let me know what it is-remember, I’m looking for a song that connects to this story. You can get involved either by calling me at the studio (the number for that is 01621 928 046), email:

send me a text (the number is 84555 and it will cost 25 P, plus your standard network rate and you’ll need to put the word ‘saint’ and a space before putting anything else), or you can leave any suggestions here, as a blog comment.

Would also like to hear from you if you’re looking for a general request-I’ll play you most things, if I can find them.

So, tune in-I’ll be on your radio/listening devises at half 7!

Breakfast Today

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Hi guys,

Happy Monday first of all-I hope you’re looking forward to tuning into me, Ben Kearns, with Breakfast from half 7-10.

On the programme today, you’ll hear about what’s going on around Maldon and Burnham, in our Saint FM events diary, stay tuned because at 8 25 and 9 30 I’ll have all the details.

I’m hoping you’ve got reasons to feel good today-if so, share them with me throughout the show (details on how to contact me are shown below), though in particular after half 8. I’m hoping someone famous will be listening in today-and it could be anyone, as last week I set Richard Anstey (my co-host for Monday) the task of getting someone famous to tune in.

Finally (and alike every show from Monday to Thursday), you can choose a Topical Tune:

So if you have a suggestion, let me know either by calling 01621 928 046, emailing:

text me on 84555 (texts will set you back 25 P in addition to your standard network rate and you’ll need to put the word ‘Saint’ and a space before anything else) or you can leave any brainwaves regarding today’s topical tune on this blog.

I’d also like to hear from you with any ideas on your reasons for feeling upbeat this Monday morning-or any general requests you want me to play-just let me know.

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