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Lovesongs This Week

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Hello guys,

Well only a couple of days until the beginning of the weekend-and therefore you’re only 2 days away from your weekly fix of Lovesongs for a Friday morning, between 9 and 10.

This Friday it will all kick off with a duet from Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers that was most recently covered by the guys from Gavin and Stacey-I think you all know the tune I’m talking about? You’ll also hear tracks from the likes of Daniel Bedingfield, Eddie Holman, one of my all-time favourites from Kings Of Convenience, the new one from James Arthur, one of my more unlikely lovesongs from Jaimeson and a bond related tune from Matt Monrow. Plus-as always after half 9, I’ve got a Breakup Tune-this week’s bitter sweet tune is a 60’s classic from The Cascades, which could also describe the weather right now.

As always, I’m hoping this all tempts you to tune in, though if you need an extra reason, it’s the fact you can choose your own lovesong if you want to. So, let me have your dedications, or songs linked to a memory of some kind.

Breakfast Today

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Hey everyone,

First of all, apologies for the lack of a show yesterday morning (and the missing final hour of Monday)-we had a few technical issues to iron out, though now luckily all is resolved, so I hope you’re gonna make a point of tuning in to me, Ben Kearns, for my Breakfast show, from half 7 till 10.

Amongst other delights, you can expect to hear Gordon from Maldon talking about his various activities in the past week, on the first half hour of the programme.

At 25 past 8 and half past 9, I’ll be telling you what events are happening in the Maldon and Burnham area over the next couple of days.

Our weekly studio quiz, Dead Or Alive, will be broadcast at about quarter to 9, as is the norm on our Wednesday Morning show.

Finally, throughout the show, I’ll be asking you for Topical Tune suggestions:

You’ve got 2 hours 40 minutes (or there abouts) to read the story and get your song ideas to me, one of them will be played just before the end of the show, at around about 10 to 10.

To get in contact, you can call us in the Maldon studios-our number is 01621 928 046


text in to 84555 (it will set you back 25 P plus your standard charge to text me and it’ll be a waste of money, if you don’t put the word ‘saint’ and a space at the beginning of your message), or you can leave any suggestions on my blog.

Love to hear from you if you have an idea for a potential Topical Tune; I also want your calls, emails, texts or blog posts if you have a request to make, that is in no way related to the Topical Tune.

Think that’s everything for the time being, I’m on from half 7 anyway, so if I’ve forgotten anything I’ll be sure to mention it then!

Breakfast Today

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Hi guys,

It’s Ben here from Breakfast, here with the low-down on what’s happening on today’s show.

First of all apologies for the lack of a last hour on yesterday’s programme-we had technical issues.

Anyhow, I’ve got some local events happening around the Maldon and Burnham area over the next couple of days to let you know about, at 25 past 8 and half 9.

Coming up at a quarter to 9 I’ll have 5 fascinating facts for you-if you love hearing factual info, stick with Saint for that. Today it’s all about clothes lines!

Finally, I’ll be playing a song at around 10 to 10, as chosen by one of you guys, connected to the following story:

I thought-as we didn’t have time to play a track connected to yesterday’s story, I’ll give you the show today to come up with one.

So if you have any ideas for a tune in some way connected to this story, let me know. You can either phone the studios at the Plume, Maldon, on 01621 928 046, send me an email:, text the show, on 84555 (if you do though you will be charged 25 P plus your standard network rate-and you’ll need to make sure you put the word ‘Saint’ and a space before you put anything else), or leave any suggestions you have on my blog-and I’ll read them out. The same contact details are available to you if you fancy picking a general song request-as usual I’ll do my best to chuck it into the show.

Well, hope you can listen in, from half 7 today-in just over half an hour’s time.

Breakfast Today

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Hello people,

Hope you’re in a great mood this Monday Morning, not just because I want you to be-I’ll explain below.

Today’s show will include the local events going on at the beginning of this week-tune in at 8 25 and half past 9 to hear about the highlights for the next 2 days.

I did say I wanted you to feel good for various reasons this morning, one of which is so you can tell me about your reasons for being cheerful-‘Reasons To Be Cheerful’ is something I do every week on Breakfast and today is no exception to the rule.

At around the same time Richard Anstey will reveal whether or not he’s successfully completed his blagging challenge.

As well as this, you’ll have the chance to pick a tune connected to this story, at around 10 to 10:

So, if you’ve got any brainwaves for a Topical Tune today, let me know and I’ll think about playing your choice, just before 10 o’clock today. To get yourself involved, you can either call me at the Saint FM studios at the Plume school, Maldon, on 01621 928 046, email me:

let me hear from you on the text system (number for that is 84555, all texts will cost you 25 P plus your standard network rate and you’ll need to put the word ‘saint’ and a space before your message), or you can put a comment on this blog, with either a Topical Tune suggestion, a reason to be cheerful or a song request in general.

We’ve got all this coming up, plus more-hope you can tune into the show, it starts at half 7.

6 Decades Of Music Today

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Hi guys,

Hope your Sundays going okay so far! It’s Ben here-and I’m gonna do my best to ease you through the rest of the morning (and into the afternoon), with 6 decades of fantastic music.

I’ve got great songs from 1960 up to the present day to play you-including an Elvis Presley track to kick off. I’ll also play some 60’s soul from Arifa Franklin, some soulful 70’s music from Tami Lynn (amongst others), the first ever number 1 single of the 1980’s, we’ll rock out with the Red Hot Chili Peppers from the 90’s, a track (from a film) by U2, released in the 2000’s and one of my favourite recent songs from London Grammar. It’s all here between 11 and 2, plus you’ll hear about the local events happening over the next couple of days-and I’d like to know about the worst TV programmes from each decade, in your opinion.

So let me know-if you wanna get in touch, you can either email me:,

or you can leave your suggestions on this blog (and strike up a convo with others, maybe).

Think that’s all for now-hope you’ll be tuned in from 11, to hear all this-and then some.

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