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Radio can bring your advertising to life, give your company an identity, and reinforce your brand. Done properly, it will tightly focus your advertising and target your ideal customer.

Using radio you can communicate to your potential customers at anytime of day or night. You can even select certain times of the day in which to advertise more frequently, depending on the demographic you are targeting. Advertising works by repetition – increased exposure to a message will reinforce it – and radio is one of the most cost-effective means of creating frequent, focused communications.

SaintFM reaches over 70,000 people across the Maldon District and the east Essex area and with packages starting from as little as £400, offers local business a unique and low-cost means to access radio media as part of their advertising programmes.

You can run a series of adverts, sponsor a show, the weather and travel reports or live events. Or all of these things!

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